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What is the “Outside Gallery Outside”? It is a work in progress on the outside walls of the Life Quest building. Currently it holds the original mosaic tile artwork created by the people that Life Quest serves. The mosaic tile pieces depict aspects the individuals' lives at work, home and in the community. The work was done under the direction of Cecilia Stamford, local area tile artist. 

The newest addition to Outside Gallery Outside is the colorful mural on the east side of the building, painted in collaboration with the Mimbres Region Arts Council Youth Mural Project under the direction of local artists Zoe Wolfe and Sue Sherman. 

The images on the T-shirts, caps and cards can be seen in their original form at the Outside Gallery Outside, which is located on the outside of the Life Quest building at 907 Pope Street in Silver City, NM. 




Youth Mural Project on the Life Quest Building, painted in collaboration with the Mimbres Region Arts Council, under the direction of local artists Zoe Wolfe and Sue Sherman